Q Blanket helping provide support for pain sufferers…

After many requests from patients, customers and doctors we have finally produced a high quality Q Magnetic blanket.

Made from quality polar fleece. Each Q Magnet has its own flux plate glued to the back for extra penetration of the magnetic field. Click here for the full PDF brochure.


Blue Q Blanket with Instruction Label

Blue Q Blanket with Instruction Label

Q Magnets have been strategically placed in a matrix to provide the optimum circulation of equal amounts of magnetic field flow from both the north and south poles of powerful neodymium Quadrapolar rare-earth magnets.

See testimonies that are already filtering back for the use of the Blanket, even we have been surprised at the benefits people are receiving from using the Q Blanket.

Why is the Q Blanket potentially a valuable asset for your health?

I recommend the Q Blanket to my patients because it provides general support for the central nervous system. The distribution of the field can provide greater tolerance to unwelcome electromagnetic field exposure and to life’s external stressors.



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