Professional athlete shares 7 year journey with Q Magnets

Over the years we have received many endorsements from famous athletes and health professionals around the world. This well considered feedback from Nick Kenny would have to be one of the most significant for three reasons. Nick…

  1. Is a professional when it comes to musculoskeletal health AND was a professional Rugby League player for 9 years.
  2. Played the toughest of sports and supplemented his rehab with Q Magnets.
  3. As a health professional has observed the benefits of Q Magnets on other players around him and not just himself.


In Nick’s words…

“I first heard about Q Magnets from the Brisbane Lions in 2008 when I was playing professional rugby league and struggling to recover from repeated calf strains. I was immediately impressed with my accelerated recovery from that injury. From then on, I continued to use Q Magnets as an additional rehab aid for the remainder of my career with great effect for all types of soft tissue issues such as strains, corks and localised soreness.

Since retiring from playing, I have continued to use Q Magnets and trial them with others around me, many of whom want to buy their own. I have found Q Magnets to be especially effective for people dealing with cervical and lumbar pain as well as acute muscle strains. I confidently recommend Q Magnets to athletes who are pro-active in their recovery from injury and are willing to comply to a holistic rehabilitation plan.”



Nick Kenny of the Broncos

Nick Kenny in action.





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