“The QMagnet worked like magic. I couldn’t believe how fast and effective it was. I am soooo delighted”

I’ve had a pinched nerve in my upper back area now for over 8 months and have spent $1000’s on physio, chiropractic and even acupuncture. All made very little difference to the problem (not even really temporary relief). Lucky for me I came across the QMagnet stand at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival last Sunday. I bought a QF28-6 and had a friend stick it on that night. I always feel the pain most when lying in bed so 2 hours later when I laid down, I couldn’t believe it – the pain was 80% gone! I got into all the positions I know aggravate the problem and tested them out the following morning as well. The magnet really works! I am very impressed. The next night I didn’t have it on yet still 80% better which really surprised me (must be some residual effect?). It’s been 3 nights with no magnet and the pain hasn’t returned. If it does, all I have to do is use the QMagnet. Simple! A really good product! Thank you James & Dianne for this wonderful pain relief solution.

Craig Howard, Gold Coast Qld Australia



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