Experience with Q magnets from Therapist of Natural Medicine.

My name is A Korrodi Ritto from Portugal and I am a therapist of natural medicine. For the past few years I have been documenting my experience with Q magnets. For me, the best way to use Q magnets is asking the body where to place them through kinesiology (using arm reflex or strong muscle). You can use them anywhere – acupuncture points, organs, joints, chakras etc.

I also use Q magnets with “par biomagnetico” with good results to normalize PH.

Q magnets in head phones

Installing Q magnets into headphones for the treatment of TMJ pain, ear problems (such as take-off and landing) and headaches.


An application I often use is to insert a Q magnet (QF28-3 as in photo below) into each side of a cheap headset. This can be simply worn by the patient to treat TMJ and ear problems and for people suffering during airplane take-off and landings. No more loss of hearing or pain after flight travel. Sometimes I also use the headset on the temporal bone for headaches.




Last month I used the large Octapolar magnet (OF50-3) for 24 hours per day during one week to treat a muscle rupture from playing tennis. After just one week, I was back playing tennis!

Some of the other applications include:
•    Using the Octapolar OF50-3 for kidney stones pain.

•    Q magnets for mosquito bites works nice as well.

•    For cervical pain or muscle nodules and trigger points at the occipital bone.


You can find out more about biomagnetism (biomagnetic pair) at…

Q magnets are not included in the par biomagnetico protocol, but if you know kinesiology, you can ask the body if it is better to use a Q magnet, a 1000G magnet, a 5000G magnet and so on.



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