“They have changed my life’s path completely…”


“I could not believe that Q Magnets could stop my pain in its tracks…”

Lynette Palmen

Lynette Palmen

“For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices”.

From a scale of 10 – 1 (10 being the worst and 1 being the least) I had spent the best part of a decade sitting on an 8. Since being treated with Qmagnets I now spend the majority of my life sitting on 2 – 4. Q Magnets give me such amazing pain relief that some days I don’t even feel like I have a spinal injury.

“They have changed my life’s path completely…”

Better still since wearing Q Magnets I have come off all heavy medication, I don’t have constant relapses sending me into hospital for weeks on end and aggressive spinal surgery is now on the back burner. I say, if you can’t feel the difference when wearing Q Magnets – then you didn’t have pain in the first place.

“Take it from someone who tried everything – these amazing devices work.”

When I am in pain now, it’s not because it’s time to take my next drug it’s because I have removed the magnets from my back (which are permanently placed with surgical tape) to go for a swim or to soak in a bath.

Lynette Palmen AM
Managing Director and founder of Women’s Network Australia


Disc related back pain can be serious. For instance, severe cases of a herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disc) causing pressure on the spinal nerve can lead to paraplegia. This nerve pressure is termed mechanical pain and based on patient and clinical feedback, Q Magnets will NOT help mechanical nerve pain. Professional medical advice and a proper diagnosis should be sought. Please see limitations of Q Magnets for more information.




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