Mixed Martial Arts fighter using Q Magnets to help recover…


Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley is an All-American Wrestler and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Full-contact combat sports bring significant stresses on the body and Paul explains how Q Magnets have been a useful tool in helping to recover from injury.


Even for an old injury such as tennis elbow, simply use sports tape to secure a Q Magnet such as QF20-3 or QF28-3 over the tender point or as Paul does it, wear an arm brace and glue the magnet in underneath as shown in this video.


How simple is that? For a one-off cost of $40 or $70, you have a device that can be simply applied over and over for years to come.  It’s safe, there are no complications (unless you have a pacemaker; see contraindications) and there’s no concerns with taking potentially banned substances.


World Series of Fighting

December 31st is a big day for Paul when he’ll take on Yushin Okami from Japan in the Welterweight Division at The Maddison Square Garden, billed as the WSOFNYC’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza.

Read about Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley here.






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