Treatment for low back pain if it may have originated with an epidural

Epidurals are a safe and common form of pain relief during labour. During the epidural, a needle is used to puncture the dura and make way for a catheter that can carry the anaesthetic which is pumped into the spinal column of the lower back – into the epidural space.

Epidural in the lower back during labour.

Epidural in the lower back during labour.

The common site for an epidural for pain relief during labour is the L2/3 interspinal space of the lumbar spine. Back pain is very common and it’s not uncommon to find the source of pain in females to originate at the site of the epidural. It’s often reported as pain in the thoracolumbar region (mid to lower back). Some of these people can potentially find comfort or localized temporary relief of pain through the use of Q Magnets.

To treat the pain with Q Magnets, simply place a device directly over the site of the epidural. The best device to use is the QF28-3 which is strong enough to penetrate to the site of the scar and capture some of the surrounding tissue. This can have the effect of dampening the pain messages to the brain and many people are able to wean off the magnets after some months.

The Q Magnet device needs to be applied flat side to the body with the writing side facing out and the orientation arrow pointing up towards the head.

The aim of the Q Magnet application is to wear it continually over the area until pain subsides.

Disc related back pain can be serious. For instance, severe cases of a herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disc) causing pressure on the spinal nerve can lead to paraplegia. This nerve pressure is termed mechanical pain and based on patient and clinical feedback, Q Magnets will NOT help mechanical nerve pain. Professional medical advice and a proper diagnosis should be sought. Please see limitations of Q Magnets for more information.



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