Silvano Meli; former Swiss ski world record holder

After suffering serious lesions from a helicopter accident which included:
• fracture of cervical vertebrae
• broken shoulder blade
• broken clavicle
• broken ribs (all of them)
• nasal partition
• facial fracture

I underwent 2 years of rehabilitation before my condition stabilised, but the back pain did not resolve. I was not able to practice any sport and had difficulty walking. The medical diagnosis expected to operate on my knees due to osteoarthritis.

Following my doctor’s advice, I recommenced sport, especially biking. After 2 years I love this sport and I met Andrew Johns.

Andrew explained to me the benefits and especially the results obtained with a special type of therapeutic magnet, called Q Magnets. He kindly gave me one to try.

I applied a QF28-6 Q Magnet to my lower back and after 1 week my pains decreased and after 3 weeks they totally disappeared. Since this time, the magnet is in my life. I wear it every day and I also use it during and after bike riding to help go faster and keep up with Lisbeth and Andrew.

I recommend the use of Q Magnets, they have been revolutionary for me!

My doctor was very surprised of the results obtained. I hope you will continue to develop and improve this simple but effective form of natural treatment.

Kind regards,

Silvano Meli

• Professional skier for the Swiss Team in World Cup since 1977 to 1987; 30 times in Top 15
• European Champion and Swiss Champion . 2nd at the descent St Anton -2nd at the combine Kitzbhuel
• Speed skier 1988-2003; 222 km/h World record Stelvio-– recordman of the world in serial material
• Helicopter pilot
• Insurance agent



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