A heartfelt story of how Q Magnets changed a young life

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Q Magnets have changed my life.


Sarah of Wellington, New Zealand


Life As A Child:
At the young age of 6 weeks old I had my first chiropractor appointment, I was born with my neck out of place and continued to have back troubles throughout my childhood. By 12 I couldn’t walk the 5 blocks from school to home, mum used to find me on the side of the road crying in pain, doctors of course didn’t believe there was anything wrong with me and declared I was an attention seeking child. After 3 years of a very dedicated mum fighting them I was finally x-rayed and it turned out I had Scheuermann’s disease and Scoliosis, both are relatively ‘mild’ curves in terms of degrees of curvature and therefore are non operable so I was sent home with the advice “deal with it”.

The pain I was in ruled my life, my GP told me it shouldn’t hurt and couldn’t explain the debilitating pain I was in, physiotherapists provided temporary relief by releasing the muscles but any activity brought it back. High school was torture, having to carry my books in a backpack, by 7th form I spent a lot of my time doing classwork from home as by the time I survived the school day I was going home for a sleep before dinner, I didn’t have a teenage life, I was too sore to participate in most things normal kids were doing. I lived on painkillers until the tramadol made me ill and the side effects outweighed the benefits, codeine, diclofenac and the like don’t have any affect and I was at my wits end.

Along Came Q Magnets:
At age 21 my mum had a dog with a back injury and funnily enough the dog’s physiotherapist (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous) had been treating animals with Q Magents, so one weekend when I went home Mum and I decided I have nothing to lose so scepticism aside we stuck it to my back, 24 hours later I was walking the shops, still uncomfortable but noticeably better. I left that weekend, leaving the magnet behind not thinking much of it and the pain returned as usual, Mum and I decided we needed to give Q Magnets a good go and went halves in a pack in April 2015, my life changed. Within days I was able to walk and shop and sit at a desk, all things people take for granted I could now do without the burning pain.

My physiotherapist was and still is sceptical but at the end of the day if they helped they helped so at the conclusion of each treatment she would tape it back on me and have a laugh about my “on/off” button. However, one day she decided to try acupuncture on me, I had my magnet on so she removed that and proceeded to stab me with the needles, the site around the magnet however stayed completely white while the rest of my back was red, she was intrigued by the reaction and became a little more convinced it wasn’t just a placebo in my head.

To this day anyone who mentions to me they have pain is now pointed in the direction of your website, I’ve had plenty of people borrow my magnets because you really can’t believe it until you experience it for yourself. Although it means I often have to go without them for a few days it’s worth it if these little magnets can improve the quality of another person’s life too. My mum, my gran, my grandad, a few of my friends and a few of my colleagues now all swear by your product.

Life Now:
I’m now 24, working full time, studying at university and renovating my own home, 10 years ago I would never have imagined having the physical ability to be able to juggle all of this let alone be outside paving patios and building garden sheds 🙂

I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you, thank you for creating something that isn’t just another fad, something that isn’t invasive, and something that gave me my freedom and my life back.

Sarah W.
Wellington, New Zealand.


Q Magnets are a listed Class I Medical Device and may provide localised temporary relief of minor aches and pains. The safety and effectiveness of Q Magnets has not been established in the treatment of Scheuermann’s disease or scoliosis.





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