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This blog was setup for two reasons:

1. To post new research and relavant information on magnetic field therapy.

2. To provide a platform for the hundreds of customers happy to share their experience with Q Magnets.


Q Magnets helping me sleep

I use the magnets every day. I had back surgery 3 yrs ago and it fixed the greater part of my pain, but at night when I lay down some nerves are still under pressure and the magnets take care of the pain, som I can sleep. I have several magnets that I bought from Amway here in the US but they have stopped selling the magnets. Amway still sells the stickies to put the magnets on with and they work great for yours, too. I have also found that the magnets work on my restless leg syndrome. Gay Osborn. Montana

Q Magnet therapy works great with menstrual pain!

I am finding the Q Magnets very helpful, have even tried them out on pain related to menstrual cycle and they helped with that also. So all and all a happy customer πŸ™‚ Am exploring another pain treatment at the moment as well which I am having success with also, so actually have not required them as often as I was needing before which is great.
Nicole Martin, Auckland New Zealand


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