Love the MiniQ’s

Mini magnets are brilliant, can use them 24/7 to ease my knee and ankle pain. They are easier to wear and more comfortable under work wear than the bigger ones.
Noel Roberts, NSW Australia

I was absolutely amazed at the dissipation of the pain from a 10 out of 10 to 3 out of 10

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently had the unfortunate bad luck to break 2 ribs, which I thought were bruised and so left them unattended, except for rubbing oils for 4 days. At which time I had to finally admit to myself that it was more serious than I thought. I attended Wynnum Hospital, after a two and a half hour wait I was X-rayed. After a further long wait I eventually saw a doctor who told me I had 2 broken ribs and to go home and rest them for a few weeks.

Even though very sceptical, I had 3 Quadrapolar Magnets taped to my rib area.

Still feeling sore and sceptical I went home and had thoughts on another sleepless night. About 25-30mins later a noticed a slight improvement then after about 50 minutes I was absolutely amazed at the dissipation of the pain from a 10 out of 10 to 3 out of 10. This enabled me to have a reasonable night’s sleep and surprise, surprise – on waking I found I had virtually no pain at all, just slight discomfort.

I was absolutely amazed at the results.

“My quality of life after using Q Magnets is nothing short of miraculous”

“Before my injury I was fit and healthy and had a life that dreams were made of. In 1998 I developed lower back pain from a kick boxing injury and was unable to move without pain.

Over the years I have had chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment and also used a magnetic back brace, all of which provided temporary relief. Even though I was sceptical, I gave Q Magnets a go.

Shortly after I had the Q Magnets taped on I could feel the difference, in fact after 12 hours I felt no pain. My quality of life after using Q Magnets is nothing short of miraculous. It gave me my life and mobility back almost immediately.
I was absolutely amazed at the results.

“They have changed my life’s path completely…”


“I could not believe that Q Magnets could stop my pain in its tracks…”

Lynette Palmen

Lynette Palmen

“For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices”.

Jaw pain – successfully treated

This is the story as told by Bob Davies from Queensland, Australia.


Bob Davies

I am a 47 yr old man who was diagnosed with MS in 1994 [about 15 yrs ago]  My MS is the secondary progressive type so I dont experience regular exacerbations, just a steady decline.  Although using a wheelchair for the last 10 years I still spend about 1 hr in the pool every day and try to keep as fit as possible.

About 2 yrs ago I started to experience severe pain shooting upwards from my upper RH row of teeth, so to the dentist I went, to be told, there is no dental reason for the pain.  GP  visit followed, where I was given painkillers & referred to a Neurologist.  Meanwhile I had done as much research on TMJ pain on the net as I could and when the specialist suggested cutting the facial nerves I thought, there must be a better way.


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