“They have changed my life’s path completely…”


“I could not believe that Q magnets could stop my pain in its tracks…”

Lynette Palmen

Lynette Palmen

“For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices”.

Jaw pain – successfully treated

This is the story as told by Bob Davies from Queensland, Australia.


Bob Davies

I am a 47 yr old man who was diagnosed with MS in 1994 [about 15 yrs ago]  My MS is the secondary progressive type so I dont experience regular exacerbations, just a steady decline.  Although using a wheelchair for the last 10 years I still spend about 1 hr in the pool every day and try to keep as fit as possible.

About 2 yrs ago I started to experience severe pain shooting upwards from my upper RH row of teeth, so to the dentist I went, to be told, there is no dental reason for the pain.  GP  visit followed, where I was given painkillers & referred to a Neurologist.  Meanwhile I had done as much research on TMJ pain on the net as I could and when the specialist suggested cutting the facial nerves I thought, there must be a better way.

In using Q magnets I felt instant relief!

Before I used Q magnets I was having difficulty coping with permanent pain from spinal degeneration and scoliosis. I was very limited to what I could do outside and would have physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment when I could.

My daughter purchased Q magnets for me and stuck them on the spine where the pain was.

I experienced instant relief!

I felt well enough to return to work the next day

“I first became aware of Quadrapolar magnets in 2003 when my Dentist advised me to have my Wisdom teeth extracted – quite a daunting message for someone who suffers from severe panic attacks concerning dental treatment!!

I was shown the correct way to use them, and on the day of the Wisdom teeth operation my husband lightly marked my cheeks as to the location of my Wisdom teeth, so that he could apply the magnets whilst I was still in the hospital recovery room. I “wore” the magnets for the next four (4) days – at NO time was it necessary for me to take any other form of pain relief. I did not feel any pain or discomfort, nor did I experience any bleeding, bruising or swelling – I do not know any other person who has had their wisdom teeth extracted to be able to say the same!!!

Apart from the fact that I was “wearing” the magnets on my cheeks, no-one would have known that I had had my teeth taken out – I felt well enough to return to work the next day. I have told other friends about the magnets and they too have used them for pain relief eg rib pain, migraine headaches – they too have benefited by their use and been appreciative of the fact they did not need to use “chemical” pain relief (which is sometimes very hard on the digestive tract) .

The pain was like having a bulldog clip pinching the skin very tightly and it was shooting in different directions.


Stephanie Kennar

In late June 2008, I visited my GP as I was experiencing thoracic pain around my ribs and under my right arm pit. The GP referred me immediately to the Mercy Breast Unit where I saw Dr Elaine Bevington. I was reassured somewhat by the ultrasound results but the pain started to intensify.

Over the next month the pain became unbearable and I saw 4 different GP’s seeking answers. The pain was like having a bulldog clip pinching the skin very tightly and it was shooting in different directions. No one could confidently identify the cause of the pain which was somewhat complicated as the ultrasound was clear. At this time I was taking up to 10 Nurofen Plus per day but this would only slightly take the edge off the pain.


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