Flux Attachment Plate to hold Q Magnets in place

Getting the placement spot on can make all the difference in getting the best results with your Q Magnets, but not everyone’s skin can tolerate the sports tape adhesive.

  1. Flux Plate acts as keeper to hold the magnet onto clothing.
  2. Avoids the need to use adhesive.
  3. Only effective on thin material.
  4. Works best with tight fitting, non-slip clothing.
  5. Works with larger models QF28-6/3 and OF50-3.
  6. Priced at just $3 or $4.50, order details below.


Another way to wear your Q Magnets without the need for sports tape is to glue them inside of your favourite brace or wrap for say knee pain, elbow pain or back pain. See the following short video for a quick explanation…


See example below with flux plate clamping a QF28-3 through some pants. The Flux Attachment Plate can be seen outside the pants just under the belt-line holding the Q Magnet firmly in place  over L5/S1

Flux Attachment Plate seen outside pants over L5/S1


Position the magnet as you would normally with the arrow up and the writing facing away from the body. Then place the Flux Attachment Plate on the outside of the garment and the magnetic force holds it in place.

This only works for the 28mm and 50mm diameter devices, for anything smaller the magnetic force is not sufficient to hold it firmly in place.

This method would not be recommended for rigorous activity, such as playing sport but is quite reliable around the home.


Model Price Purchase
Flux Plate 50 for use with OF50-3 $4.50  Add-To-Shopping-Cart
Flux Plate 28 for use with QF28-3 or QF28-6 $3.00  Add-To-Shopping-Cart

These are made from a special magnetic stainless steel so they are attracted to the magnet but will not rust.

For a safe hypoallergenic sports tape, we recommend Fixomull® (also sold under the name Hypafix®) and in North America sold under the name Cover-Roll® by BSN Medical.






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