Multipolar static magnetic field may provide relief to side-effects of pain medications…

The type of magnet used is this study is not a Q Magnet.
The safety and effectiveness of Q Magnets has not been established in the treatment of erosive gastritis.

Every week, new research is published strengthening the claim that static magnets can be optimised for therapeutic effects. While the magnetic device used in this study is not a Q Magnet, the multipolar arrangement does exhibit similar properties.

Researchers at Semmelweis University (Budapest) conducted a randomised, double blind placebo-controlled trial to investigate the effects of a multipolar static magnet device on symptoms related to erosive gastritis. The same magnetic array has previously been shown to have an analgesic effect on mice and increased the pain threshold in humans (see references below).

Ironically, one of the most common causes of erosive gastritis is the long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Their prolonged use causes small painful ulcers to form along the lining of the stomach and/or intestines. One of the main reasons people seek out magnetic field therapy is to avoid the serious side-effects of pain medications. Now optimised static magnets may provide an effective method to treat these side-effects.

Sixteen subjects were randomly divided to a placebo/sham group (7) or an active magnet group (9). Researchers wanted to see if the device, placed over the lower sternum for 30 minutes, would significantly contribute to the subjective healing process.


Before and after assessment showed significant benefits over placebo for the symptoms of lower heartburn, regurgitation and bloating.

Before and after assessment showed significant benefits over placebo for the symptoms of lower heartburn, regurgitation and bloating.

Previous studies in mouse models have demonstrated a beneficial effect on symptoms related to inflammation and wound healing beyond that of placebo. It is suspected that the beneficial effect of this magnet on erosive gastritis was due to one or more of the following…

  • Wound healing
  • Reinforcing microcirculation of the gastric mucosa
  • Endocrine or nitric oxide system balancing
  • Direct anti-inflammatory action

The results of this study were quite remarkable given that the magnetic device was only applied for 30 minutes per day. For acute pain and inflammatory conditions, we would generally recommend wearing Q Magnets 24/7 until the condition was fully healed.

The magnet application may reduce the pain  AND possibly improve the recovery process.

It’s hardly surprising that more and more people are catching on and using this safe, simple, non-invasive and inexpensive therapy. This really is a new frontier in medicine.


Juhasz, M., et al. (2014). Influence of inhomogeneous static magnetic field-exposure on patients with erosive gastritis: a randomized, self- and placebo-controlled, double-blind, single centre, pilot study.   J R Soc Interface. 2014 Sep 6;11(98) PMID: 25008086;

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  • Do not wear Q Magnets near sensitive medical equipment or implants such as pacemakers, dorsal column stimulators, infusion pumps, or any other magnetically programmable medical devices.
  • Always read the Information & Instructions sheet that comes with the product.
  • This product is not a replacement for professional medical treatment.
  • If you are uncertain if these contraindications apply to you, consult your health care professional prior to use.
  • Use only as directed, if symptoms persist, see your health care professional.
  • Do not use during pregnancy as there has not been adequate testing.




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