Why we don’t sell magnets pre-sewn into braces and wraps

We’ve already covered why we don’t sell magnetic jewellery here.

Here, we explain why we are reluctant to manufacture braces and wraps with magnets pre-sewn into them.

The brief summary is – we want you to get the best possible results using Q Magnets for pain relief.

Magnet Back Brace

QF28-3 Q Magnet attached to inside of back brace using Velcro strip.

It’s not that magnet belts and braces don’t work, sometimes they work great. But it’s leaving it to chance, when you understand the three principles of magnetic field therapy…

  1. Field
  2. Dose
  3. Placement

That is, different magnet arrangements of different sizes can produce vast differences in the makeup of the magnetic field and the “dose” it delivers into the body.

Quadrapolar | Hexapolar | Octapolar | Concentric

The dose relates to the width and depth of the penetrating field. The other critical factor is the best placement, so that the therapeutic field envelops the target tissue. Sometimes this can take a bit of trial and error, which unfortunately is not possible if set magnets are pre-sewn into set positions, for example, a knee brace. See How Q Magnets work for more details.


Unfortunately this is not possible if set magnets are pre-sewn into set positions.


Magnet knee brace

2 QF28-3 Q magnets stuck to inside on knee brace using Velcro coins.

So for the best chance of success using Q Magnets, take our 30 day customer satisfaction money back guarantee, purchase one of the Q Bonus Packages and use the double sided adhesive or sports tape to find optimum placements.

Start with the recommended placements that have been developed from the clinical experience of thousands of patients treated by neurologists, physiotherapists and acupuncturists.

If needed contact us for assistance and advice on placement. See how other customers have secured their magnets as explained by David in this short video.



Magnet attached with double sided adhesive

Once you’re happy with the right magnets in the right place, there are simple ways to secure the Q Magnets into your own brace. This video explains how to glue them into your own brace. That way if the brace wears out, you simply peel the magnets off and start again.


For more detailed information on which Q Magnets to try, see…

Device Selection – Which Q magnets to use

How Q Magnets work

Illustrating magnetic field lines and depth of penetration





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