Why this Australian manufacturer of magnetic therapy devices agrees with Choice’s 2018 Shonky Awards

2018 shonky awardsNeuromagnetics Australia has no problem with Choice including magnetic therapy on the Shonky list.

Choice is an Australian non-profit organisation looking out for the interests of consumers.

Its annual Shonky Awards name and shame products and companies they perceive as taking advantage of consumers. This is our official Press Release on the matter…

Magnet therapy was one of 7 categories in its 2018 Shonky list. It specifically mentions two companies, Dick Wicks and BioMagnetic Sport products. Both companies simply repackage common industrial type bipolar magnets into wraps, braces and mattress underlays.

While we don’t believe these are shonky companies and the people that represent them are no doubt sincere and they would have many customers who are thankful for their products. But as much as possible, we like to be informed by the evidence and looking at the scientific research on static magnets clearly shows that multipolar magnets are the standout.

What we do find frustrating is how often people conflate a medical device like Q magnets with common bipolar magnets or magnetic jewellery. Back in 2012, I tweeted the following question regarding a press release from Biomagnetic sports…

As this Scientific American article shows, shonky operators were already stigmatising magnetic therapy products as far back as the seventeenth century.


Hammond W.A., (1880). The Therapeutic use of the Magnet. Scientific American Supplement: 258. (4112-4114).

In 1880, magnets and their application were primitive compared to our current understanding. Now with the advent of the MRI, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression), multipolar magnets  and other sciences, the field is rapidly developing.

For instance, Quadrapolar magnets differ from household fridge magnets and other bipolar magnets purportedly sold for pain relief because each magnetic device contains four alternating magnetic poles.

The reason the Q magnets are so powerful for pain relief is that the four magnets working together create steep magnetic field gradients that penetrate into the body to assists tissue healing and calm over-sensitive nerves. See how magnetic therapy works for more details. The same field gradients are used in quantum physics to effect particle beams.

Q magnets are a TGA listed Class I medical device, used to potentially provide comfort or localized relief of minor aches and pains (e.g. from muscle soreness/stiffness, arthritis). They are used by health professionals all over the world and by prominent athletes as recommended by their sports medicine practitioners.

Just this month we’ve shipped orders to eminent medical centres the the US and Europe where experienced health professionals are keen to see their patients experience the benefits of Q magnets.




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