Why is there so much confusion around magnetic therapy?


If you ever wanted an example of why there is so much confusion around magnetic therapy, then look no further than this ABC News story.

The article is discussing new research from the University of Virginia under the title “Can magnets cure pain?”. Problem is, the study has nothing to do with pain, it’s all about studying the effects of static magnetic fields on blood flow.

In fact, the hypothesis the researchers were testing (and consequently confirmed) as stated in the published study was “that acute application of static magnetic field to an inflammatory injury may limit the formation of edema and therefore accelerate healing.”

The news article states…
“New research at the University of Virginia shows that there is at least some truth to the oft-cited claim that magnets can increase the flow of blood, thus providing more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissue. Researchers have shown that a mild magnetic field can cause the smallest blood vessels in the body to dilate or constrict, thus increasing the blood flow and suppressing inflammation, a critical factor in the healing process.”

The author can’t seem to get his head around the results of the study…That immediate exposure of a static magnetic field caused the blood vessels to constrict which in turn reduced blood flow, leading to a reduction in inflammation.

See the results of static magnetic fields on soft tissue injuries here.

The paragraph in the article even confuses the two opposing processes of increasing blood supply and reducing inflammation.

Any wonder there is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to magnetic therapy!

The specificity around magnetic therapy is critical and there are many variables. When a static magnetic field is optimised for a therapeutic effect and an appropriate device is used so that a sufficient “dose” of field envelopes the target tissue, then the healing and pain relieving effects can be dramatic.



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