Magnetic field used to speed up muscle recovery

muscle injuryMagnetic fields are at the cutting edge of medical science in a number of areas. A team of researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a device that produces an optimised magnetic field to stimulate the muscle’s energy production.

There are processes within the body that respond to what’s termed an electromagnetic efficacy window. In this particular case, the best effect for muscle recovery was achieved with a brief 10 minute exposure to a low intensity magnetic field of only 2 mT in short 6 ms bursts of magnetic pulses at 15 Hz administered within a specific time frame. See more about the therapeutic window of effectiveness in the context of magnetic fields here.


See schematic description below…


MRegen, as the device in known is able to reproduce the same regenerative, energetic and metabolic response as physical activity in a non-invasive and painless manner. Improving recovery rates for muscle injuries benefits the professional athlete and elderly alike.


As the article from Medical Express say…

While creating a magnetic field is simple, the ability to generate the appropriate magnetic stimulation that triggers a positive therapeutic effect is technologically challenging.


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