Cupping with Q Magnet Application Case Study

Cupping is applied by suction within a “cup” on the surface of the skin. An after effect is the stagnation of blood, which can persist for a few weeks after treatment. The application of Q Magnets over haematomas has been shown to leave a white circle underneath where the magnet is applied only in a matter of days. Numerous examples have been documented such as these four…

Recovery for minor sprains and strains so you can get back to your favourite sport sooner…


Q magnet therapy for bruised finger


How athletes are using Q magnets to help get back to their sport sooner…


Magnetic therapy to help pain and injury.


A graduate of the neuromagnetics acupuncture training, Mount Coolum acupuncturists Michael Smith undertook his own trial.  The case followed a healthy individual comparing two cupping marks with daily images over 7 days. Results as follows…


The Q Magnet applied is an Octapolar magnet 50mm (2 inches) in diameter; model OF50-3. This magnet was applied immediately to the left side cupping mark as viewed in each image. The right side acted as a control and was left as is.









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