Are there any limitations to using Q Magnets for the treatment of pain?

When it comes to the treatment of pain, there are so many variables that no therapy works 100% of the time. Q Magnets are no different, we have never said they are a silver bullet, but they are can be a powerful adjunct therapy.

Just ask John, who suffered with low back pain for 27 years before he was introduced to Q Magnets. Within minutes, he was pain free and this has been repeated many times in clinics around the world and seen in case studies published in medical journals.

But there are two main limitations when it comes to Q Magnet therapy:

  1. The first is where there is a mechanical cause of the pain such as a pinched nerve. This could be from a herniated disc, where the pain is being referred down the leg and the major component is the pressure on the spinal nerve. In many cases the pain from a disc bulge is an inflammatory pain and not pressure on the nerve and this is where Q Magnets may be worth considering. Mechanical pain can require surgery to rectify.
  2. The second limitation of Q Magnets is where there is cumulative fatigue from posture or movement stresses that exacerbate the condition. This could be from excessive running causing shin splints or repetitive strain injuries from constant computer use.While Q Magnets may help, rest, behaviour modification and rehabilitation are still going to be important. I’m afraid there are no silver bullets here.





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