Clinical trial shows magnets provide pain relief from myofascial trigger points

The Physical Therapy department at Armstrong Atlantic State University conducted a Randomised Clinical Trial using static magnets on myofascial trigger point pain. The 2004 study was part of the student capstone project and supervised by professors of the physical therapy department. Although the study wasn’t published, the results were presented at the Bioelectromagnetics Society annual meeting.


A 1997 clinical trial by Vallbona, showed a significant benefit to patients suffering post-polio pain using a flexible rubber magnet with concentric rings in alternating poles. The study at Armstrong involved 30 patients and tested the same magnets as the Vallbona study, but on a more general population.


CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that 500 gauss therapeutic static magnetic fields with the configuration utilized in this study can decrease the pain associated with pressure applied to myofascial trigger points after one 45 minute treatment. This confirms a previous study by Vallbona, et al. (1997) who reported a decrease in pain in myofascial trigger points in a post-polio population. This study expands upon those results to suggest that static therapeutic magnets may have a beneficial effect in reducing pain in a wider range of patients with myofascial trigger points.


These flexible rubber magnets can also be purchased here on the Q Magnets website. The alternating poles on the magnets tested are most likely the main factor for the positive outcomes in both clinical trials. Q Magnets also contain alternating poles in Quadrapolar, Hexapolar and Octapolar arrangements.

Even the small Q Magnets such as the Q6-1.5 can be placed over myofascial trigger points for the temporary relief of minor aches and pain.

See purchasing options for the 6mm (1/4 inch) neodymium Quadrapolar magnets by clicking on the image below…

Q6-1.5 to place over Myofascial Trigger Point




Brantley et al. Static Magnets Reduce Myofascial Trigger Point Pain. Bioelectromagnetics Society. 26th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 2004. Abstract Pg. 22






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