How to use Q Magnet therapy for minor shin soreness?

The pain of shin soreness is typically caused by inflammation in the muscles and/or fascia and sometimes mistaken for tibia stress fracture. Placing Q Magnets directly over the injured area can potentially provide comfort or localized temporary relief of minor aches and pain and assist you to get back to your training sooner. Even so, do not deviate from your prescribed treatment and use the magnets in addition with RICE and professional advise. See following image for examples of placement…

Q Magnet Application For Shin Splints. Click for larger image.

Q Magnet Application For Minor Shin Soreness. Click for larger image.

NOTE: The larger magnets have been attached with QFix28, double sided adhesive for illustration. Most athletes will prefer to secure Q Magnets with sports tape adhesive or gluing them into braces as this brief video explain.


The first principle in using Q Magnet therapy for the treatment of any injury is to place them directly over the injured tissue 24/7 for the duration of the recovery. Specificity is everything here. In addition, selecting the best sized device so that the magnetic field gradient will envelope the target tissue.

Depth of penetration and surface area being the two critical factors in choosing the best devices.

If the pain is spread over a large area, then multiple devices may need to be used. Remember, when placing multiple devices, the orientation arrows always need to be aligned and each device needs to be separated by its own width, otherwise the neighbouring fields tend to cancel each other out, rendering them ineffective.

Feedback from athletes:

There are 13 different Q Magnet models to choose from so you can find the right device for the job. The sizes and depth of penetration are listed to make device selection easier.

Sometimes the smaller devices, such as QF10-2 will work fine for mild shin soreness and are much more affordable. But these smaller devices are not likely going to be effective on larger joints such as the shoulder and hip or for the lower back. The field they generate will simply not reach the target tissue.

Remember, Q Magnets when cared for will last for many years so they can be used routinely for all sorts of current and future injuries and pain such as bruising, hamstring strains and low back pain. While purchasing the larger devices (such as QF28-3) might be a little more expensive up front, it provides greater flexibility for future use. The Q Bonus Packages offer the best value and a variety of devices to choose from.

What you purchase will depend on your current and future needs and your budget. Many people have reported using Q Magnets pays for themselves many times over in savings on treatment and pain medication, not to mention the relief for your liver! Like Lisa, who saved around $700 per year.

Keep in mind, there are two main limitations with Q Magnet application.

  1. Where there is a mechanical cause of the pain such as a pinched nerve, herniated disc or entrapment syndrome; and
  2. Cumulative fatigue from posture or movement stresses that exacerbate the condition.

The devices may help, but in the case of mechanical pain a professional diagnosis is critical. While for cumulative fatigue, rest, behaviour modification and rehabilitation are still going to be important. I’m afraid there are no silver bullets here.

For more information:


Purchase your Q Magnets here starting at just $14 Australian Dollars and the QF28-3 at $69. As a one-off purchase, your Q Magnets will be useful part of your rehabilitation process for many years to come.



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Neuromagnetics is such an exciting field to be part of and Q Magnets are a therapy that is…

  1. Simple
  2. Drug free
  3. Non-addictive
  4. Non-invasive
  5. Painless
  6. Safe
  7. An immediate and local impact
  8. Performed at home
  9. Paid for by the individual and
  10. Based on scientific evidence


And by a listed medical device that …

  1. Does not require any care or maintenance
  2. Lasts almost a lifetime
  3. Has no moving parts
  4. Is relatively inexpensive
  5. Consumes almost no energy
  6. Is a treatment which requires little expertise, and
  7. While not is use can be used to keep notices stuck to the fridge


Why would anyone not seek to support such a therapy?







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