Using Q Magnets over P6 Acupuncture Point…

The P6 acupuncture point is often stimulated to assist with better sleep and provide relief from nausea.

Acupuncture points have been shown to respond to multiple stimuli such as needling, mechanical pressure, thermal stimuli (moxa), laser and also electrical and magnetic stimuli. Since the Q Magnet needs to cover the acupuncture point to be most effective, the more accurate your placement the smaller the Q Magnet device you can employ. But sometimes it’s better to purchase a larger device anyway so it can be used effectively on other areas of the body, particularly the larger joints such as the knee and shoulder and for lower back pain.

To find the acupuncture point P6, measure three fingers widths down from the crease in the wrist and it’s located in the grove between the two large tendons which are easily felt.

Locating P6 Acupuncture Point

Locating P6 Acupuncture Point

The smallest device we would recommend for acupuncture points is the QF10-2, you could also use a QF15-2 or QF20-3.

The following is a photo and testimony sent in by Wilma Beltrame of Victoria, Australia:

I found that using the smaller magnets on acupuncture points for sleep helped me fall asleep faster and also I seem to have a better quality of sleep as well. You can find the acupuncture points on the web, this one is 3cm above the wrist joint, there are more points on other parts of the body that could work as well. Adding a few drops of lavender oil on the skin around the magnet could also help.

In this case, Wilma is using the QF10-2 device which has been taped to her wrist using a white sports tape by BSN Medical called Fixomull or Hypafix and in America is sold under the name Cover Roll.


A Restful Sleep

An alternate placement could be the acupuncture point TW5, which is on the opposite side of the wrist on the back of the arm.

See the following link for information and research on using acupressure to stimulate the same P6 point to relieve nausea after chemotherapy.

The advantage of Q Magnets over acupressure is that once applied they provide a 24/7 stimulation which can be removed as needed. Also, the therapy is not reliant on you following the treatment routine of pressing on each wrist for 3-5 minutes, one to three times a day for at least five days. All up this treatment could take up to 30 minutes a day, whereas taping the magnets once, might take a few minutes and last for the full five days.






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