Applying Q Magnets to thumb sprains and other injuries

thumb injuryBy James Hermans

I’ve been fortunate to have been relatively pain free and had little need to use my own products. We’ve used them on our kids a number of times, but I recently had three occasions to use them and it really makes you appreciate how good they are!


These are what you would call soft-tissue injuries and animals studies have shown static magnets can assist by:

  1. Reducing inflammatory cells
  2. Agiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels)
  3. Collagen formation


The first case is from a strike to the top of the foot during a kickboxing class. I missed the pad and hit my partner’s elbow. This was particularly painful and within an hour I had applied an OF50-3 magnet to the outside of my footwear and over a sock for bed. The magnetic field from the larger magnets will easily penetrate through shoes and socks and offers a convenient application.

Foot injury

Magnet application over boot

Magnet application over sock in bed

1 day post Q Magnets application

3 days post Q Magnets application













The last image is at Day 3, just after a 5km run. The bruising near the toes looks painful, but there was no discomfort at all, even during the run. The strike was much closer to the ankle, directly under where the magnet is positioned. This is what’s commonly observed when applying Q Magnets to soft tissue injuries. The effects (bruising, swelling etc.) are spread over a larger area and are much reduced directly underneath where the magnet is positioned.

This dispersal of the effects of the injury could be a key reason for the pain relief and faster recovery.


See cases and more information here.


The “how to”, when using magnets for pain:

  1. Apply them immediately or as soon as possible after the injury.
  2. Use with RICE (rest, ice, compression & elevation), but we say RICEM.
  3. Continue with your standard care and use the magnets in conjunction.
  4. Place the magnet directly over the point of impact.
  5. Make sure the magnet is large enough to cover the area of impact.
  6. Keep it on for the duration of the recovery.

What can you expect?

  1. Almost immediate pain relief
  2. Faster recovery


The next was an impact to my lower leg by a mattock. Don’t ask how, because the answer lacks human intelligence!


First the implement, see image to the left.

A solid hit to just to the outside of the shin bone and boy did it hurt!

A Q Magnet QF28-3 was applied right after the injury.

This is the best time to apply your magnets, as soon as possible.


Magnet attached



The swelling is already starting to show 2 hours after the injury. But by the next day, it wasn’t looking too bad.


As it happened, it was jump up and down painful, but not long after with the Q Magnet and an ice pack, it settled down nicely. With the Q Magnets attached for a few days, the pain wasn’t noticeable, only when it was pressed.


At 2 hours

Day 1


Then there was a strained thumb from a block of wood shooting out from a wood splitter and straight into my thumb. I managed to strain both thumb joints quite badly and again it was extremely painful. Two magnets, the HF20-3 and QF15-2 were placed directly over the joints and once again, pain relief was almost immediate and the injury recovered steadily.

Strained Thumb

Magnets applied













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