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Low back pain relief and hubby’s shoulder bonus

“I have lower back pain and have tried many therapies for relief. Within an hour of wearing a QF28-3 magnet I had 50% relief, my first good night’s sleep in over two years, and the following day I was up to 80% relief. My husband suffers from shoulder pain due to an old injury and within two hours of wearing two QF28-3 magnets said the ache had almost vanished. I would definitely recommend anyone try them, they really work wonders”.

T Combe, South Australia.


90 year old suffering back pain finds miraculous relief with Quadrapolar magnets…

My mother is 90 years old and has been living with pain for many years. Several years ago she fell and suffered discs pain in her lower back. A couple of years later she fell again and hurt her shoulder eventually developing significant osteoarthritis; she also has osteoarthritis in both knees.

She is limited in the pain medications she is able to take, and has had steroid injections which, over time, have become less effective. A friend had some of your original Manga BlocTM magnets which he gave us to try. I confess I was a bit skeptical, but about 5 minutes after I applied them to her shoulder she had lessened pain and increased mobility in that arm. The next morning she was pain free with more mobility than she has had for years – able to lift a coffee cup without pain.

I found your web site and ordered more magnets for both her back and her knees. Mom and I are so grateful to my friend for sharing his set, and to you for this therapy – as a nurse practitioner I understand the physiologic principle behind the therapy, but still the degree of pain relief seemed like a miracle to us – thank you so much!

Shoulder injury causing grief, helped along with Q magnets…

A big thank you to Q magnets which are working so well!

Shoulder pain relief with Q magnets

Shoulder pain relief with Q magnets

I have had a shoulder injury for which I get low level laser treatment from my doctor every fortnight. But because I’m a diabetic, it apparently takes my body longer to recover.  It has already been 3 Months and I was having to take 4 painkillers before bed just to get a bit of pain free sleep.  After it was suggested I trial the Q magnets, I now no longer need to take ANY pain killers. This was to my utter amazement AND I get relief 24/7, whereas the pain killers would wear off half way through the night.

Thanks to Neuromagnetics Australia for your excellent customer service, advice and amazingly quick delivery.

Vanderbilt Medical University staff member recommends Q magnets for shoulder pain…

A staff member at Vanderbilt Medical University recommended I trial Q magnets for a long term shoulder complaint. While I was hesitant to order them all the way from Australia, they did arrive soon enough.

After 3 unsuccessful surgeries on my left shoulder, my life revolved around Fentanyl patches; for 6 years. For the first time I’ve been able to slowly reduce my dosage. Hopefully, I will one day be off the patches for good. I’m not pain free, but I’m better than I’ve been since 1985.

David from Arkansas. July, 2014

Quadrapolar makes all the difference

I have been suffering with a minor tendon strain in my left shoulder for some time and added to that I have Osteophytes impinging on the nerve on the left side of my neck, kind of a double whammy on my left arm. I spend a fair bit of my working day driving a forklift and anyone that drives a forklift knows that most work is done with the left shoulder constantly spinning left and right.

I have been taking four to six strong pain killers a day and the doctor was talking operations, but since purchasing the Q magnets and working out the best position combination for me, I have not taken any pain killers. I have not been woken up numerous times through the night because my arm was in an uncomfortable position. It feels great to get a good night’s sleep again. No pain, no pain killers, gotta be happy with that!

I should add that I have tried other magnets, neodideum or something like that. Strong, but they were just plain magnets not the quadrapolar and the quadrapolar MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
Have a great day


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