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Extending the working life of the industrial athlete…

Many professional athletes use Q Magnets to help with pain and injury recovery. Likewise, there are many “industrial athletes” who face similar physical demands. This is a summary of a conversation we had with Scott on how he has been using Q Magnets over the past 4 years.

How well will your body cope with physical work demands in your 40's, 50's and even 60's?

How well will your body cope with physical work demands in your 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s?

“I first started using magnets (Magna Bloc) in around 2005 and found them to be quite effective. By 2010, I needed to order more, but couldn’t find them and my wife discovered Q Magnets while searching on the internet. I’m glad she did, because I love the Q Magnets even more.

Neuromagnetics for low back and neck pain – a personal experience from Perth…

Dear James,

I have been using your Q Magnet for low back pain and neck pain.
Back pain as damage caused by my walking problems, neck pain because I have had surgery on the neck. Both areas are giving me pain quite often and I want to keep at minimum the use of medication.

The magnets I bought from you have helped me A LOT in doing so! On the NECK the pain decreases almost totally in about half an hour, on the BACK takes a bit longer but the pain is reduced and bearable, result: less medicines!

I have tried them also for my husband, who has sciatica pain due to two slipped discs: the pain was reduced significantly and he did not use nurofen that time.

I have found them a God send.

Having been in two car smashes that left my car facing in the opposite direction to which I was travelling, I suffered from severe Whip Lash and stress to my shoulders, elbows and wrists.  I also have a weak lower back as a result of lifting when I was nursing.

After years (25) of sitting behind a computer, most times for 12 hours or more a day, 5 days a week.  The stiffening of my back, shoulders and neck started to cause me to suffer Migraine and very bad Sinus headaches.  The Migraine headaches got so bad that I twice had to go to hospital for injections to stop the pain and the dry reaching.

It was suggested that I try using Q Magnets.  I have found them a God send.  When I start to feel pain or stiffness in my back, neck or shoulders that if left untreated would normally lead to a headache. Instead to taking pain killers (bad for one’s liver) I reach for my Q Magnets.

How Q Magnets are helping this community minded dynamo keep active and doing what she loves…

Wynne Gibson - excited about being more active again.

Wynne Gibson - excited about being more active again.

I am a community volunteer in the eighth decade of a busy life. For the past few years, osteo-arthritis in hands, knees, neck and toes has slowed me down.

Like a great many people who learn to “put up with” pain, I was wary of anything that sounded “alternative” to mainstream medicine. But mainstream had nothing much left to offer than a very long wait for elective surgery and the certainty that the pain would increase while I waited.


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