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Mixed Martial Arts fighter using Q Magnets to help recover…


Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley is an All-American Wrestler and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Full-contact combat sports bring significant stresses on the body and Paul explains how Q Magnets have been a useful tool in helping to recover from injury.


Even for an old injury such as tennis elbow, simply use sports tape to secure a Q Magnet such as QF20-3 or QF28-3 over the tender point or as Paul does it, wear an arm brace and glue the magnet in underneath as shown in this video.

Drug Free Pain Relief – From former Magna Bloc user.

I discovered Q Magnets quite a few years ago after using and losing my Magna Block magnets from Amway. I searched the internet and found Q Magnets and have used them ever since.

Originally I wasn’t sure they would be as good as my Magna Blocks but after starting with an earlier model, the new Q Magnets encased in plastic are brilliant, they are slimmer, more comfortable to wear and easier to get apart if they stick together.

Previously I have used them on my elbow for joint pain, currently I am using them on my right thumb where I have arthritis.

Up and coming pistol shooter with arm pain that’s making training very painful – what are the treatment options?


Dean Mineall is an  elite up and coming pistol shooter. During 2011, hours spent on the pistol range caused an overuse strain of the extensor carpi radialis muscle located on the back of the forearm.  It was a very localised and specific pain that become worse when his thumb gripped the pistol.

It went on for months and got to the stage that it was difficult for Dean to even hold a cup. He treated it with everything he knew – trigger point therapy, laser therapy, soft tissue mobilisation and dry needling. Treatment would help immediately but the pain returned as soon as he recommenced training.

In a chance meeting I explained the benefits of Q Magnet application and in particular the advantage of being able to wear the device for 24/7 as opposed to dry needling which are removed at the end of the treatment.

Q Magnets are a far better choice than relying on over-the-counter medication or prescription pain killers.

I have used the QMagnets every day since I received them about three weeks ago. I have had chronic shoulder and elbow pain for years. Prior to using the QMagnets I was taking aspirin like they were candy which is obviously not the best thing to do. Since using the QMagnets I have been able to reduce my need for aspirin by about 90%. I have greater range of motion, considerably less discomfort, and all while reducing my reliance on pills.

I would recommend QMagnets to anyone that has chronic joint or muscle pain. It is a far better choice than relying on over-the-counter medication or prescription pain killers

All the best to everyone.


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