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How long do I need to wear Q magnets before they begin to work?

Response times will vary depending on the condition being treated. The main theories for how Q magnets work are…

  1. Dampening down over active nerves (C-fibres), which may take effect in minutes to assist with the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
  2. Promoting healing, which may allow you to get back to your favourite physical activities sooner.


Q magnets For Improving Athletic Performance

Serious athletes are used to high intensity training, it goes with the territory. However, over exertion and/or accumulative fatigue can result in trauma through sprains, strains, fractures and bruising. Soft-tissue injuries often prevent athletes from performing at their best and recovery times are critical.

Q magnets are potentially a simple and safe therapy option for athletes and should be on-hand when the need arises. Here we explain how to use Q magnets for minor strains and sprains and other injuries and the evidence.

Simon Black is one of the all time great AFL players and a genuine, terrific person. Simon was introduced to Q magnets through the football club support staff and until we interviewed him, we had no idea how much he used Q magnets and how much he loved them. They were integral in his recovery routine and in extending his playing career.

Recovery for minor sprains and strains so you can get back to your favourite sport sooner…


Nicole presented on 13th April 2012, one day after a Grade III medial head gastroc stain while playing squash.

On the following day (14th April), Nicole attached two QF20-5 Q magnets with sports tape, one directly over the strain and another over the acupuncture point UB57.

Two days later on 16th April, we took the following photos showing a clear effect directly under where the magnets were placed.

How athletes are using Q magnets to help get back to their sport sooner…

The active athlete playing contact or even extreme sports will inevitably suffer from heavy knocks and bruising. The RICE method is always a popular way of dealing with injury, but in the search for a smoother recovery and the temporary relief of minor aches and pains, many athletes are now adding another letter to the acronym – RICEM.

Magnets (Q magnets that is)

It’s such a simple addition to any rehab routine and may assist an athlete to return to their beloved sport sooner and and possibly experience less discomfort during the recovery process.

Q magnet therapy for a shin bruise with a child.

Melissa hit her shin bone on a cage while running in the dark. There was tears and it was extremely painful. A few minutes after applying the large Q magnet the pain had eased and the next day there was hardly a sign of the bruise.

Q magnets are great therapy for children and most accidents around the house. They work great with ice as well, there was no call for over the counter pain medication at all.

The bruise 10 minutes after the accident. It was very painful!

The bruise 10 minutes after the accident. It was very painful!


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