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Ridiculous arguments against magnetic field therapy deserve comical responses…

Some of the arguments put forward by skeptics against magnetic therapy are so hilarious, we’ve come up with a comical responses of our own…
(Drawing by our 15 year old daughter Melissa)

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal


Caution Around Magnetic Fields Near Computers and Sensitive Electronic Equipment…


Q Magnets are a rare earth neodymium magnet and one of the strongest static magnets known. The magnetic field produced by even the larger Q Magnets penetrate no more than around 2” or 5cm and even less on the side of the flux plate. Bringing sensitive medical devices such as pacemakers within this distance should be strictly avoided. Likewise keep your credit cards or any other magnetic storage device out of this range.

Placing any strong magnet on top of a spinning computer hard drive will likely destroy all data. But the newer solid state hard drives (with no spinning discs) don’t seem to be affected.

Magnet over an iPhone has no effect

Magnet over an iPhone has no effect

How to Use Q Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain…

Very few people go through life without having to deal with low back pain and many will endure debilitating low back pain for years. If you live with low back pain, please keep an open mind as you learn how Q Magnets may provide a simple, inexpensive and effective treatment option as it has for thousands of people.

4 device array for lower back pain

4 device array for lower back pain


Experience with Q Magnets from Therapist of Natural Medicine.

Using magnets for pain to reduce the growing burden of pain.

Recently The Lancet published the most comprehensive review of disabilities caused by disease. As the population ages, the years lived with a disability is increasing, which is simply stating the obvious for anyone over 40.

In the top 10 of the diseases that cause disability (as opposed to death), measured in years lived with a disability were…

1.  Low Back Pain
4.  Neck Pain
5.  Other Musculoskeletal Disorders and
8.  Migraines


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