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Recent research highlights dangers of pharmaceutical pain relief

As we reported in our previous article ‘Is current pain medication targeting just the initial pain?‘(1), the leader of the research team highlighted the importance of finding alternatives to pharmaceutical pain management as the opioid crisis in the US continues.

A recent report in the journal JAMA Network Open(2) looked at the rate of opioid prescription after surgery in the US and compared it with Sweden, noting that the rate was seven times higher in the US compared to Sweden.

Based on a review of 220,000 cases between 2013 and 2016, the authors found that around three quarters of patients coming out of surgery in the US received prescriptions for opioid pain medication, whereas only just over one in ten patients in Sweden received one. The authors also found that US and Canadian patients got higher doses than their counterparts in Sweden.

Static magnetic fields enhancing stem cell activity

While maybe not so relevant to how static magnetic fields can assist pain relief or injury recovery, this study by Lew (2019) nonetheless, does give an important insight into biological effects.

When tooth decay advances to the inner pulp, it can require extraction or root canal work to preserve the tooth.

Conservative alternatives include direct pulp capping or partial pulpotomy.

Why we don’t sell magnets pre-sewn into braces and wraps

We’ve already covered why we don’t sell magnetic jewellery here.

Here, we explain why we are reluctant to manufacture braces and wraps with magnets pre-sewn into them.

The brief summary is – we want you to get the best possible results using Q Magnets for pain relief.

Wound healing from static magnetic fields

The evidence grows, but more case studies and clinical trials are required. Much of the research around wound healing has focused on diabetic peripheral neuropathy, post-surgical and ulcer healing (see Reference List at bottom of article).

For Best Results: Anecdotal evidence and published research shows that best results are achieved when the magnet is placed directly over the wound, immediately or as soon as possbile after an incident. Obviously seek and follow standard medical care. If you want to use a static magnet, use it in addition to standard care and do not place it directly on an open wound.


Magnetophobia – an irrational belief

Magnetophobia is the irrational belief that static magnetic fields produce no physiological effects or have no therapeutic benefits. The colourful history of magnetic field therapy contributes to this belief and is sustained by misinformation and the complexity of the subject matter.

When you have an understanding of Mesmerism and the history of magnetic therapy, you can appreciate why such an irrational belief exists.

But there are good reasons why magnetic field therapy is a new frontier in medical research, providing valuable health benefits.


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