Q magnets sustaining the effects of acupuncture in Taiwan.

My teacher is a Chinese medicine doctor who introduced me to Q magnets and showed me how to use them to improve my health.

I have been learning Acupoints and how to place Q magnets on specific Acupoints to lower the pain.

Example 1:
My hand will sweat a lot, then I put a Q magnet on the acupuncture point:  「大椎」 (Dazhui – GV 14 or Big vertebra) and it helped to improve my symptoms.

Example 2:
When I wasn’t feeling well, with fever like symptoms, I put Q magnets on two acupuncture points 「合谷」 (Hegu – LI 4 or Merging valleys) and 「曲池」(qu chi – LI 11 or Elbow pool) and it helped improve the symptoms.


I think Q magnet is very magical, it’s great for my health, which is very important for me.
I was very surprised!

Thank you for providing such a good product.

Mr Lu, Taiwan





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