"Stops Your Pain Dead In Its Tracks!
Revolutionary New & Unique Magnetic Therapy Actually Calms Down Oversensitive Nerves To Provide Natural Pain Relief."


QF28-3 Q magnet


Physiotherapist With A Special Interest In Complex and Chronic Pain Reports 80% Success Rate Using New Quadrapolar Therapeutic Magnet Technology! This is the next generation of neuromagnetic device that was pioneered by neurologist, Dr Robert Holcomb at Vanderbilt University.

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Physiotherapist - Dianne Hermans

Hi, If you or a loved one suffers from strong pain, read on and discover how this magnetic therapy for pain is both safe and effective and how you can experience the difference these powerful devices can make.

You have no risk with the Q magnet 30 day money back guarantee.

Dianne Hermans B.Phty, Senior Physiotherapist for over 20 years.


In using Q magnets I felt instant relief!

Billie Hughes; Brisbane, Australia November, 2006

Before I used Q magnets I was having difficulty coping with permanent pain from spinal degeneration and scoliosis. I was very limited to what I could do outside and would have physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment when I could.

My daughter purchased Q magnets for me and stuck them on the spine where the pain was.

I experienced instant relief!

I experienced instant relief and now weeks later I can move much more freely and have much more enjoyment in life. In using Q magnets I felt instant relief and I was able to move without pain.

Billie Hughes
Brisbane; Australia


Simply by carefully placing small quadrapolar therapeutic magnetic discs on the skin’s surface, your pain can be relieved in a matter of minutes! Don't dismiss this new technology if you've tried the common bipolar magnet therapy before with little or no results.


Q magnet neck placement

Photo showing the Q magnets, a gold plated ProQ and 2 MiniQ's on a placement for neck pain and/or whiplash.

This is completely different technology and
typically gets completely different results

If you suffer from pain, click here to go to the body chart to learn how to experience natural pain relief.

Pioneering work at Vanderbilt Medical University has been profiled on numerous TV shows, including Dateline and Australia's Good Medicine. Click on Q magnets in the news to watch some of these features.


Magna BlocThe first generation of quadrapolar magnets were developed by Neurologist, Dr Robert Holcomb and were comprised of four separate bipolar magnets assembled into a quadrapolar array. The four magnets were then encased in a plastic housing. The field gradient which is the change in magnetic field strength over distance was strongest where the individual magnets touched.

QuadrapolarQ magnets are the next generation of quadrapolar magnets and are a world first. They combine an innovative design with the latest magnetisation techniques to include four alternating poles within the one magnetic body. This means that there is no “wasted” space between the four individual round magnets of the original design. Instead of the field gradient being at its steepest where the four magnets meet, the next generation Q magnet has a much steeper field gradient along the entire boundary of the alternating pole quadrants.


The result of this new Q magnet design are a:


QF20-3 Q magnet



Quadrapolar or Q magnets comprise four alternating magnetic poles as seen on the schematic diagram above. This creates 'steep field gradients' of perfectly safe magnetic effect, which can provide highly targeted pain relief and/or reductions in inflammation. In addition, the Q magnet has a high grade magnetic stainless steel flux plate attached to the top to further increase the field gradient and drive the field deeper into the body to enhance the pain relieving therapeutic effect by targeting the deeper nerve structures.


In addition, the high quality sticker on top clearly shows the orientation arrow that should always be pointing up towards the head on application, the name of the device and as a therapeutic medical device, each one has a unique serial number.

computer generated rated magnetic field map

This is a computer generated rated magnetic field map of the Quadrapolar array. Notice the steep field gradient in between the four magnetic poles. Extensive laboratory testing has shown that it's not the magnetic field strength, but the field gradient (steepness of the slope of the magnetic field) that is the determining factor in alleviating pain. This unique steep field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar array is what delivers natural pain relief. This is why the centre of a Q magnet needs to be placed over the irritated nerve and/or where that nerve inserts into the spinal cord in order to get the full pain relieving effect of the device.

Q magnets are great for sporting or any acute injury where you experience strong pain and limitation of movement. If you are serious about your sport and want to get back in the game as quickly as possible after injury, one of the best things you can do is have a set of Q magnets handy and place them directly over the area of injury. See comments from other leading sports professionals. Sports physiotherapists have been the first to embrace this new treatment protocol because of the effectiveness of Q magnets to get their patients back competing sooner. You can see the injury blog of a professional freestyle motocross rider and see examples of Q magnet applications after injury.


Dr Sandra Cabot
Q magnets are the most effective drug free pain relief device I have come across.
Every first aid kit should have a set.

Dr Sandra Cabot - well known author of many books including the best selling "The Liver Cleansing Diet". 

They will help reduce your pain and inflammation and along with treatment, rest, ice and your professional intervention of choice, Q magnets will help you get back to your competitive sport in the shortest time possible.

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Q magnets are:



Chronic pain is usually caused by an original injury that affects the nerves, or conditions such as diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Often chronic pain behaves like a smoke alarm that continues to sound long after the fire has been put out. So too an initial injury may have long past, but the pain signals keep firing and the sensation of strong pain persists.


In time, the nervous system changes, becomes more sensitized and can begin to amplify the bodies pain messaging system. This process is called central sensitization and is one of the areas where Q magnets have their therapeutic effect by dampening down or desensitizing this maladaptive neural process.


The problem with current drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, prescription or Over-The-Counter pain killers, and morphine, is that they sometimes offer only marginal relief and come with lots of potential problems and side-effects.

Q magnets are the perfect alternative as they target only the area they are applied to and provide natural pain relief without the side-effects.



Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.


"I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks..."

(Lynette Palmen AM; Managing Director and founder of Women’s Network Australia)

Lynette Palmen. Founder of Women’s Network Australia.

"For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices.

From a scale of 10 - 1 (10 being the worst and 1 being the least) I had spent the best part of a decade sitting on an 8. Since being treated with Qmagnets I now spend the majority of my life sitting on 2 - 4. Q magnets give me such amazing pain relief that some days I don't even feel like I have a spinal injury.

"They have changed my life's path completely..."

Better still since wearing Q magnets I have come off all heavy medication, I don't have constant relapses sending me into hospital for weeks on end and aggressive spinal surgery is now on the back burner. I say, if you can't feel the difference when wearing Q magnets - then you didn't have pain in the first place.

"Take it from someone who tried everything - these amazing devices work."

When I am in pain now, it's not because it's time to take my next drug it's because I have removed the magnets from my back (which are permanently placed with surgical tape) to go for a swim or to soak in a bath.

Lynette Palmen AM
Managing Director and founder of Women’s Network Australia

Picture of a set of silver plated 1 X QF28-6 and 2 X QF20-5 Q magnets with Q bag. The Quadrapolar array has been charged into each of the round disc magnetic bodies.


Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.



Q Magnets can be effective for the following types of pain:

  1. point   Headaches and head pain
  2. point  Jaw and tooth pain
  3. point  Neck and shoulder pain
  4. point  Shoulder pain
  5. point  Muscle discomfort
  6. point  Upper back pain
  7. point  Lower back pain
  8. point  Hip, pelvis, leg and foot pain
  9. point  Arm, elbow and wrist pain
  10. point  Nausea and motion sickness
  11. point  Ankle pain
  12. point  Other focal pains
  13. point  Period Pain

Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.



Sufferers of chronic pain can have the added problem of having their pain remain undiagnosed. You experience severe pain because the nerve cells that are responsible for pain transmission are overactive and your nervous system becomes more sensitive.


This is primarily due to the abnormal activity of so called "voltage-gated sodium channels" in these nerve cells. Conventional drugs, such as local anaesthetics, block all types of sodium channels, causing numbness and severe side-effects .


Over a decade of research was done at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville Tennessee on the Quadrapolar magnet.


Knee array

4 ProQ's placed for chronic knee pain. Three use QFix double sided adhesive and one is taped on with Micropore, a special hypoallergenic tape by 3M.


Clinical data was collected at various Medical Centres and Universities around the world with thousands of experiments conducted on sensory neurones.  It was observed that the unique steep magnetic field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar magnet actually blocked the basic unit of pain signal! While single pole static magnets had little or no blocking affect on the pain signal, that is the action potential. This was an incredible breakthrough in pain management. See How Q Magnets Work for more detailed information.


Since Q magnets work on abnormally firing nerve fibres, it is important to find where these signals originate and place them over the offending nerve. This is in contrast to single pole static magnets which do not have the same effect. These magnets are sewn into mattresses and pillows and are usually recommended to be placed on acupressure points or somewhere over the pain and are said to somehow reduce pain by increasing circulation and flushing away chemicals that are the cause of the abnormal nerve firing.


Q magnets offer a far more targeted and scientifically validated form of pain relief.

Used correctly, Q magnets provide you with strong natural pain relief without the severe side-effects. Since around one in five people suffer from chronic pain at some point in their life, the role Q magnets will play in improving the quality of their lives is enormous. Even children can benefit from the pain relief Q magnets offer, and we recommend that Q magnets are added to every households First Aid Kit. See the effects on these children with bruising to the leg and fingers.


"My quality of life after using Q magnets is nothing short of miraculous"

Kris Freeman Managing Director Freeman Productions Manly

"Before my injury I was fit and healthy and had a life that dreams were made of. In 1998 I sustained lower disc problems from a kick boxing injury and was unable to move without pain.

Over the years I have had chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment and also used a magnetic back brace, all of which provided temporary relief. My physiotherapist, thought to prescribe Q magnets for me and I was sceptical but trusted her enough to try them.

Shortly after I had the Q magnets taped on I could feel the difference, in fact after 12 hours I felt no pain and was able to work through the injury. My quality of life after using Q magnets is nothing short of miraculous. It gave me my life and mobility back almost immediately.

I was absolutely amazed at the results.

Q magnets are a miracle product which released me from debilitating pain and enables me to work through a very hectic schedule without any extra treatment. I would highly recommend Q magnets to anyone experiencing any level of structural pain".

Kris Freeman
Managing Director Freeman Productions Manly, Queensland Australia www.freemanprod.com.au


Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.

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If you're worried that this is some kind of quackery, let me put your mind at rest.  Quadrapolar magnets are used by doctors, pain specialists, neurologists and physiotherapists in many countries around the world. Can we categorically gurantee that Q magnets will work 100% for you?  Of course not....  there is virtually NO therapeutic approach in western, or complementary medicine that 100% works on everyone. 


That's why we offer you our 30 day money back guarantee, 

You can try Q magnets out safely and discretely, by ordering with your credit card or PayPal through our secure online facility, and we will ship you your Q magnets out quickly so you can experience relief in a matter of days!


If for any reason you are not impressed with the results, we WANT you to send them back for a refund! 

You can simply contact us by phone or email, and we will make it simple and easy for you to send your magnets back and we will process your refund. See our return policy for more details.


Is your pain chronic or complex? If so, you might prefer to see a trained health professional who can provide treatment and explain the best application of Q magnets for your condition. Q magnets will nearly always have their best effect as an adjunct to therapy by a trained and skilled clinician. Click through to see if there is a trained therapist in your area. If there is not we can provide support over the phone, skype video or email.


Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.

Where is your pain?


Click here for body chart to see where to place Q magnets.


To learn more about the science behind Q magnets, visit the Neuromagnetics website.

Quadrapolar array

Illustration of the 4 quadrant alternating poles in the Quadrapolar array showing the + - + -.


Order your Qmagnets risk free now!  Choose from our range of economical packages, shipped to your home.


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