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Cochrane Review Supports the Use of Electromagnetic Field Therapy

The type of magnets evaluated in this review are electromagnetic fields (generated by electricity) and not static magnetic fields as Q magnets are defined.


The Cochrane Collaboration published an important review in October 2013 called “Electromagnetic fields for treating osteoarthritis (Review)”.

Caution Around Magnetic Fields Near Computers and Sensitive Electronic Equipment…


Q magnets are a rare earth neodymium magnet and one of the strongest static magnets known. The magnetic field produced by even the larger Q magnets penetrate no more than around 2” or 5cm and even less on the side of the flux plate. Bringing sensitive medical devices such as pacemakers within this distance should be strictly avoided. Likewise keep your credit cards or any other magnetic storage device out of this range.

Placing any strong magnet on top of a spinning computer hard drive will likely destroy all data. But the newer solid state hard drives (with no spinning discs) don’t seem to be affected.

Magnet over an iPhone has no effect

Magnet over an iPhone has no effect

How to Use Q Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain…

Very few people go through life without having to deal with low back pain and many will endure debilitating low back pain for years. If you are one of these sufferers, please keep an open mind as you learn how  Q magnets may provide a simple, inexpensive and effective treatment option as it has for thousands of people.

4 device array for lower back pain

4 device array for lower back pain


Pain Relief From Minor Aches and Pains and Getting Back to Your Sport Sooner…

Illustrating magnetic field lines and depth of penetration for magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Field Therapy is a complete mystery to some. Adding to this is the invisible nature of magnetic fields and their poor understanding. As the prominent researcher in the field, Dr Janos Laszlo PhD observed…

Magnetic field therapy is a lot like sport. Few have adequate knowledge about it, while many have opinion or prejudice.



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