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Peter Stanton and muscle memory

Different disciplines advance through gifted practitioners. Peter has taken a new technology in Q magnets and developed innovative ways to use them.

Below is a short excerpt of an hour in-service DVD of Peter’s assessment and application of Q magnet therapy.

Queensland Reds finding Q magnet therapy incredibly useful.

“We have been using Q magnets at the Queensland Reds for just over a year and have found them incredibly useful for the players. We particularly use them for the inevitable minor aches and pain that afflict every athlete playing a high contact sport. I would highly recommend them”.

Geoff Clark.

Queensland Reds

Q magnets helping professional teams perform at their highest level

Western Force

Western Force

When we first introduced the Q Magnets to the Western Force team there were many of the boys laughing at the concept and calling it placebo. At this infant stage of trialling the Q Magnets a number of players have found benefits in helping to resolve muscle haematomas from trauma playing rugby. The players who have used the magnets  believe the magnets have improved a cork by a day or two from the normal healing time. This means they can get back on the training pitch earlier in the week which help their preparation and the teams preparation to perform at the highest level.

Rob Naish
Emirates Western Force

Professional sports team – Australian Football League – Brisbane Lions

As part of the demands of professional sport, injury management is of paramount importance. Any device to improve pain and aid the recovery process is something of extreme value to the playing group. Brisbane Lions utilise Q magnets for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
Nathan Carlos – Brisbane Lions

Professional sports team – Australian Football League – Freemantle Dockers

“After a short term trial with Q magnets with our footballers, we felt there was definitely merit in extending this trial to further assess their influence in aiding injury management. Early results have been promising with positive effects in management of minor aches and pains.”

Jeffrey Boyle, Fremantle Dockers .


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