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Treatment for low back pain if it may have originated with an epidural

Illustrating magnetic field lines and depth of penetration for magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Field Therapy is a complete mystery to some. Adding to this is the invisible nature of magnetic fields and their poor understanding. As the prominent researcher in the field, Dr Janos Laszlo PhD observed…

Magnetic field therapy is a lot like sport. Few have adequate knowledge about it, while many have opinion or prejudice.


Tweet from former Brisbane Lions ruck champion Jamie Charman

It was nice to get a tweet from Jamie Charman the other day. I recall it was a few years ago when Dianne first met Jamie and he had been through a few different king sized beds trying to get a restful sleep while contending with back pain.

Dianne showed Jamie where to place two QF28-6 devices after which he was getting a peaceful sleep with much reduced back pain and a relatively inexpensive and simple solution.

Tweet from Jamie Charman

Tweet from former Brisbane Lions ruck Jamie Charman

Neuromagnetics for low back and neck pain – a personal experience from Perth…

Dear James,

I have been using your Q magnet for low back pain and neck pain.
Back pain as damage caused by my walking problems, neck pain because I have had surgery on the neck. Both areas are giving me pain quite often and I want to keep at minimum the use of medication.

The magnets I bought from you have helped me A LOT in doing so! On the NECK the pain decreases almost totally in about half an hour, on the BACK takes a bit longer but the pain is reduced and bearable, result: less medicines!

I have tried them also for my husband, who has sciatica pain due to two slipped discs: the pain was reduced significantly and he did not use nurofen that time.

OF50-3 best for sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain

In January, 2012 I purchased the lower back pain Q magnet set, hoping it would help my SIJ pain. I had suffered chronic SIJ pain for 2 ½ years and had been through an SIJ spinal fusion and had numerous cortisone injections with little effect.

My spine specialist said the MRI confirmed the pain was referred from my right SIJ and that hopefully in a few years it would resolve, but in the mean time I had little pain relief. Unfortunately the QF28-6 magnets were not providing any relief even though I persisted for four weeks and visited a local physiotherapist to assist with the correct placement.

I discussed this with James at Neuromagnetics Australia and he suggested it might be worth trialling the OF50-3 which being 5cm round was large enough to capture the SIJ joint. As soon as I put it on, I could feel the difference and was able to move more freely.
When I take the magnet off for awhile, I get a real painful aching in the SIJ area. When I put it back on, my skin tingles at first, then it seems to dull the aching. It doesn’t completely take away the pain but it stops aching in the area, which helps me.
Hopefully my chronic pain will correct itself over time, but for now I am thankful that I can manage my pain to at least make it bearable with a simple therapy with no side effects.


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