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Q magnets featured in Run 4 Your Life Magazine

The word is getting out about the therapeutic value of Q magnets for the serious athlete. The Feb-Mar, 2012 edition of Run4 Your Life magazine is in stores now. On page 10 in the “What’s Hot” section is a brief editorial on Q magnets. See a sample below – click on the image for a larger view.

Q magnets featured in the "What's Hot" section.

Q magnets are a no brainer for the athlete seeking to recover faster from injury. If you haven’t got yours yet, purchase your set of Q magnets through the secure shopping cart today.

Q magnets featured in Bicycling Australia magazine

The January/February edition of Bicycling Australia has featured Q magnets in their Top Gear section. See it on Page 35, here is a sample of the article. Click on the image for a larger view.

Q magnets as featured in Top Gear

Q magnets in the news

The piece is another example that sets Q magnets apart as a serious medical device from the common magnets sold under the guise of magnetic therapy.

A new drug for chronic pain is showing promise, but how does it compare with research on magnetic field therapy?

The Internet is abuzz with medical sites and journalists praising researchers for a promising new pain drug called conolidine.

Extracted from the bark of the tabernaemontana divaricate tree, chemists recently devised a way to synthesise conolidine and one trial with mice suggested that it could reduce inflammatory pain. While any news like this is always encouraging and should rightly be applauded, there are many steps and years before it might be commercially available.

All the basic sciences still need to be undertaken with cell studies and animal studies to evaluate its safety and efficacy. It’s not as if the bark of this plant has been in the natural food chain for centuries, so human trials would then need to commence. Once again testing for safety and efficacy and this all assumes it can be synthesized on a large scale and commercially viable.

Q magnets make the local news…

Photo from Bayside Bulletin story.

Our local paper The Bayside Bulletin, heard about some of the successes we were having with the locals and Q magnet therapy with fibromyalgia sufferers at the Redlands Fibromyalgia Support Group. The journalist, Linda Muller asked a series of questions of Dianne and myself and some of the patients for the article.

You can read the article by clicking on the image below…


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