Ridiculous arguments against magnetic field therapy deserve comical responses…


Some of the arguments put forward by skeptics against magnetic therapy are so hilarious, we’ve come up with a comical responses of our own…
(Drawing by our 15 year old daughter Melissa)

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal


Flux Attachment Plate to hold Q magnets in place

Getting the placement spot on can make all the difference in getting good results with your Q magnets, but not everyone’s skin can tolerate the sports tape adhesive.

  1. Flux Plate acts as keeper to hold the magnet onto clothing.
  2. Avoids the need to use adhesive.
  3. Only effective on thin material.
  4. Works best with tight fitting, non-slip clothing.
  5. Works with larger models QF28-6/3 and OF50-3.
  6. Priced at just $3 or $4.50, order details below.

See example below with flux plate clamping a QF28-3 through some pants. The Flux Attachment Plate can be seen outside the pants just under the belt-line holding the Q magnet firmly in place  over L5/S1

Shoulder injury causing grief, helped along with Q magnets…

A big thank you to Q magnets which are working so well!

Shoulder pain relief with Q magnets

Shoulder pain relief with Q magnets

I have had a shoulder injury for which I get low level laser treatment from my doctor every fortnight. But because I’m a diabetic, it apparently takes my body longer to recover.  It has already been 3 Months and I was having to take 4 painkillers before bed just to get a bit of pain free sleep.  After my doctor suggested I trial the Q magnets, I now no longer need to take ANY pain killers. This was to my utter amazement AND I get relief 24/7, whereas the pain killers would wear off half way through the night.

Thanks to Neuromagnetics Australia for your excellent customer service, advice and amazingly quick delivery.