The most exciting development in my 40 years of Physiotherapy

“The most exciting development in my 40 years of Physiotherapy is the use of Neuromagnetics [Qmagnets] to manage pain in the clinical setting.

Patient and practitioner satisfaction has gone through the roof with the results of using this ground breaking technology to shut down “C” fiber activity.

At times it’s like a miracle. Changing people’s lives – one pain at a time”.

How long do I need to wear Q magnets before they begin to work?


Response times will vary depending on the condition being treated. The main mechanisms of action for how Q magnets work are…

  1. dampening down over active nerves (C-fibres); and
  2. improving tissue repair.


Natural Pain Remedy For Interstitial Cystitus or Painful Bladder Syndrome


Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS) affects millions of women around the world. The precise causes of PBS remain a mystery and there is currently no reliable treatment.

Mainstream medicine’s approach mainly deals with medications to alleviate symptoms and of course come with unwanted side-effects.